Can JavaScript be used to Make Mobile Apps? A Simple Guide

When building a request in a function request handler or returning a result in a response handler, you should not return strings. Instead, you directly return the object that defines the request you want AppSync to make, or you return the data that is needed for your specific response. However, it is recommended as it speeds up the process of application development and testing. JavaScript frameworks are not the end-all of mobile app development technologies.

  • It has been influential in assisting development and testing of apps with MVC and MVVM architectures.
  • As a result of more diverse functionality, they tend to be slower and less reliable than native apps.
  • One of the major pros of Node.JS is that it can multitask like few others.
  • The list includes top brands like Netflix, PayPal, and of course, Google.
  • When compared to other frameworks, jQuery Mobile comes number one in the list when you have to develop an app that loads faster.
  • In this chapter, you have been given a powerful introduction to Apache Cordova.

Finally, you have an overview of Apache Cordova APIs and what every API does from a high-level point of view. Finally, it is worth mentioning that native mobile applications might be a little bit faster than hybrid applications , because native applications are compiled and native code is optimized. However, applying the common best practices in your hybrid applications can definitely increase your application’s performance to be as close as the native application. In this book, you will learn how to boost the performance of your hybrid mobile application using Apache Cordova and jQuery Mobile. There are tremendous benefits for such app development frameworks.

Front-End Web & Mobile

NativeScript is an open source, cross platform, free mobile framework that assists in creation of truly native Android and iOS mobile apps. These apps can be built with JavaScript, Angular, Vue.js or TypeScript. Programming using NativeScript reduces the development time and lines of code, to a large extent. Many organizations globally have been implementing it because of its salient features. React Native has been one of the leading JavaScript frameworks for mobile app development. It attracts a large community of developers with its optimum speed, user interface, competence, and a cost-effective approach.

It allows your JavaScript code for mobile apps and gives you ongoing control over your app. With this feature, you can update the JavaScript code without the developer’s help and use the hot code push function to deploy the changes to users on all mobile platforms immediately. Tabris.js is an easy to start, fast and secure framework for developing mobile applications from a single code developed using JavaScript. If developers are well versed with PhoneGap or Ionic, Tabris is easy to pick up. It offers a secure runtime environment to create apps with utmost privacy and safety.

javascript mobile development

Your electronic Certificate will be added to your Accomplishments page – from there, you can print your Certificate or add it to your LinkedIn profile. If you only want to read and view the course content, you can audit the course for free. This option lets you see all course materials, submit required assessments, and get a final grade. This also means that you will not be able to purchase a Certificate experience. I have mentioned Meteor as it is a pure JavaScript framework which Ionic & Xamarin are not. With the help of PhoneGap, you can use the same codes you wrote in JavaScript, HTML & CSS and generate APIs for mobile OS like Android and iOS.


Before you even wonder about the nitty-gritty details of generating the QR code, let us remind you that the RapidAPI’s API marketplace has many APIs to help you with that. The only downside is these apps is that they are not performant like native apps. Moreover, these apps cannot command fine-grained control over the underlying hardware in case of a need for hardware boosted performance. Kiwi is one of the easiest open-source frameworks to make mobile and desktop HTML5 games. The engine uses both WebGL and Canvas rendering and can publish games and apps through CocoonJS and the Chrome Webstore. Although PlayCanvas is a free open-source tool, it offers paid signatures so developers can migrate their projects to private servers or even get more storage capacity.

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Another robust and advanced JavaScript mobile app framework is Meteor. A full-stack JavaScript framework, it is particularly designed to maximize the capabilities of Node.JS and to develop real-time applications. It is well equipped with essential features & tools most demanded by modern developers and helps you to build interactive mobile applications. With good documentation as well as adequate learning resources, Meteor is basically everything a developer might need to build superior quality mobile applications. This javascript framework allows building cross-platform mobile apps.

Custom Software

It operates on ‘Write once, run anywhere’ concept, a single codebase and offers a complete app development kit. Few other javascript frameworks for mobile app development are Meteor, Apache/Cordova, Flutter, NodeJS, and VueJs. In this chapter, you have been given a powerful introduction to Apache Cordova. You now know what Apache Cordova is, and understand the current challenges of today’s mobile development and how it can reduce the complexities of these challenges. You should now understand the differences between mobile web, hybrid mobile, and native mobile applications. You should also know the architecture of Cordova and how it works behind the scenes with an example of a photo capture using a camera.

For example, when it comes to building DynamoDB requests, I am a big fan of the util.dynamodb.toMapValues utility. You can pass it an object of values, and it translates it into a object of values in their appropriate DynamoDB format. You can use ID generation utils like util.autoId() create a unique 128-bit randomly generated UUID. Within a code IDE like VScode, the package provides auto-completion and documentation of all the available utilities.

Node.js is extremely fast, built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, and its library is speedy for code execution. Vue.JS framework is growing rapidly compared to its smaller framework size, reactivity, reusability, detailed documentation, typescript support, and incredibly simple learning curve. MobileAppDaily will help you explore the best service providers depending on your vision, budget, project requirements and industry. Get in touch and create a list of best-suited companies for your needs. Aparna is a growth specialist with handsful knowledge in business development. She values marketing as key a driver for sales, keeping up with the latest in the Mobile App industry.

Why is JavaScript Mobile App Development Framework the Best Pick in 2022?

It can also contain helper files (such as application’s JSON resource bundle files). In order to access a device’s native feature, JavaScript application objects call Apache Cordova APIs. You will find it very useful to know about GitHub, which is a web-based hosting service for software development projects that use the Git revision control system. GitHub offers both paid plans for private repositories and free accounts for open source projects. The site was launched in 2008 by Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Wanstrath, and PJ Hyett.

Developers may not be able to achieve the same performance compared to native code. Not all frameworks have the same capability and can hamper the quality of the features of your app. Each one of them has its own characteristics, specific areas to focus on and their own features. It is important to analyse each one of them and then decide on which one suits your organizational requirement the best.

We have done a random pick to choose the QRickit QR Code QReator API. It is a simple, easy to use API without any customization options. With Jscrambler, JavaScript applications become self-defensive and capable of detecting and blocking client-side attacks like Magecart. Aside from that, Kiwi brings plenty of tutorials, so starters can learn how to create and publish their first own games very quickly.

Top JavaScript Frameworks for Mobile

It designs single good quality websites and applications that can work seamlessly on devices and platforms. With a strong focus on performance, design, and animation, Ionic has been one of the popular JavaScript-based mobile application frameworks. It operates on ‘Write once, run anywhere’ concept, a single codebase, and offers a complete app development kit. With Ionic, one can continuously create applications and port them to different locations.

javascript mobile development

Meteor creates simple, efficient, and scalable mobile applications using the JavaScript framework. It uses a single code base to develop applications for any device. It makes use of an extended and integrated JavaScript stack that helps in offer more with lesser coding involved. When it comes to designing and building effective mobile apps, JavaScript frameworks are considered ideal.

Can JavaScript be used to Make Mobile Apps? A Simple Guide

With the introduction of Javascript frameworks for building mobile apps, businesses and developers have found a sorted solution to build interactive UI, with fewer lines of code. The use of javascript for mobile apps development is now becoming a go-to strategy for developers. Robust mobile applications java mobiles applications have made our lives easier and much more comfortable than before. Every now and then, we are using mobile apps to perform some important functions of our day-to-day life. Backed by the tech stalwart Google, AngularJS has been operating successfully as an opensource web and mobile application framework.

Owned by Microsoft, Xamarin is a .NET based framework that creates native and high-performance mobile apps. It integrates seamlessly with modern-day components, backend services, native APIs. It broadens the .NET platform to design and develop apps for Android, iOS, macOS, watchOS and Windows. Adding to these challenges, handling the incompatible behaviors of mobile platforms is a challenge that cannot be ignored. On the other hand, in Android, you can send SMS messages using the platform API directly from your application code. This book is the learning resource to use when you want to efficiently develop your own mobile applications using Apache Cordova as the platform for your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The generated QR code is available through an image that is returned as part of the API response. You should now have a good idea about how to build an Android app with Ionic. It is a reliable framework, and with a reliable API from the RapidAPI marketplace, you can do wonders with hybrid Android apps.

While wireless broadband has become the standard mode of internet access lately not everyone has access to it all the time, or even some of the time. For your mobile app to reach the widest possible audience it should accommodate those with less than ideal connections. JavaScript enables you to do that and the JavaScript mobile app developers at AppDigitally will ensure it does. React Native remains the most flexible framework for integrating other programming languages, such as from a pre-existing app, in order to transfer an application or add new features to it. Choosing one, which we discuss more below, is therefore important for a company interested in using them to build mobile apps. For mobile app projects, JavaScript frameworks have different sets of features, steeper or shallower learning curves, costs, and more.

In order to develop good-looking mobile applications, this book also utilizes jQuery Mobile. JQuery Mobile is one of the best available frameworks for developing mobile-friendly web applications. The programming languages that native apps are built from will only load the application’s unique functions on the intended devices. Originally developed by Max Lynch, Adam Bradley and Ben Sperry of Drifty Co. in 2013. Ionic is an open-source SDK that’s built on top of the Angular and Apache Cordova.

QR codes can be used to encode useful information ranging from website URLs, contact information as well as other information. You can search the RapidAPI catalog to choose one among the many QR code generation APIs. After that, switch to the terminal where you created the Ionic project. Make sure that you are under the “qrcode” path and issue the following commands. Call that wraps the HTTP GET method for involving the QRickit API. The API response is returned as a blob, which is the base64 image data.